A new Dying Light 2 broadcast is scheduled for Thursday evening

Developer Techland looks set to unveil some major Dying Light 2 details in a live stream the studio has scheduled for later this week.

An email sent to various outlets including ourselves here at Videogamer contained a short teaser video attached announcing the livestream and was later posted to the game’s official Twitter account. While no further information was given, our friends at Xbox Achievements also recieved a poster sent via physical mail, which when shown under a UV light also revealed the date for the live stream.

Dying Light 2‘s developers have been making a lot of noise of late after several months of silence and the game is gunning for a 2023 release. We’ve got our hopes high we’ll see something substantial during the event, perhaps even including a new release date. We don’t have long to find out what they’ve got in store when the broadcast goes live on Techland’s official Twitch account at 8pm UK time on Thursday, May 27.

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