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Even given the many twists in mobile RPGs, Alchemy Stars managed to come up with something completely unique that took the classic strategy role-playing field by storm. This highly anticipated, stunning game is set to release globally for mobile users on June 17, 2001, with unprecedented exciting content.

Alchemy Stars is a unique mobile strategy RPG game already boasting 1,000,000+ sign-ups, and it’s not hard to see where the appeal came from.

The unparalleled gameplay in Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast features colorful tiles for players to create combos when connected, leading the heroes in the direction you want, in turn offering myriads of moves specific to every character. But that’s not all!

Aside from the highly strategic gameplay, it’s also complemented by epic, gorgeous anime-style artwork. The full Live-2D graphics are the collective effort of 150 artists who featured cubism as a key element in this game. Furthermore, there will be a large collection of characters for players to interact, bond, and improve relationships with.

The epic story line in Alchemy Stars pits the peaceful Aurorians and Caelestites against the mysterious entities known as Eclipsites that seek to exterminate them. With 6 races in the game, players can bolter relationship with each one to unveil more of this fascinating tale.

You can download Alchemy Stars from Google Play Store or App Store right now, and create your own story within the world of Astra.

To provide the best gaming experience, the U.S. version of Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast is also available on both iOS and Android. Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast provides players a different internal game package.

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