Apex Legends Update Re-Enables Arenas Leaver Penalties & Adds Pride Badge for All Players


Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter earlier today to let Apex Legends players know that a brand new patch has altered some things in the game. Those changes include the following updates:

  • Re-enables leaver penalties for Arenas
  • Fixes some voice chat issues on Switch
  • Grants all players the aforementioned #Pride badge!

It was also detailed that leaver penalties may take up to 24 hours to be fully activated. This news is rather notable, as the feature has actually been disabled for a bit due to the fact that it wasn’t working properly when it was first added in.

The addition of the Pride badge is also noteworthy, as the game will implement this feature for every player, just like they’ve done in the past with the Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate campaigns. Similar to those events, all Apex Legends players have to do to activate it is log on, as it is free for everyone.

An example of the badge can be seen below.

Apex Legends

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