Best Shonen Anime as of 2023, Ranked

10. My Hero Academia

Best Shonen Anime 2023

Image Source: Studio Bones

My Hero Academia definitely isn’t the most unique battle shonen ever, as it features tropes and stories that have been known to the anime and superhero genres for a very long time. Despite this, the show still manages to add its own flavor and style to these, making them feel fresh and interesting as a result.

While Deku is a cheery happy go lucky protagonist, there is an edge to him when he fights, as he doesn’t pull his punches when people are in danger. And while the good guys usually always come out on top, My Hero Academia also balances violence and villainy well enough that it doesn’t feel like a kid’s show.

It also goes without saying that the show has some pretty insane sakuga and music at times, turning what should be a simple fistfight into an epic brawl that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.


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