4 Things You Need to Try if You Want to Be Better at Apex Legends

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The battle royale genre of video games is no longer a novelty since there are many fan-favorite games that dominate the statistics. The formula is perfect for the players to have engaging and thrilling matches, and for the audience on streaming platforms due to high adrenalin fights and the competitive nature of the genre. Right now, some of the most popular games are battle royal titles. Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty Warzone… the list goes on. However, there is one game that has managed to take the industry by storm and hardly look back thanks to its unique take on the battle royale formula. That game is Apex Legends.

It appeared kind of out of nowhere after a surprising announcement by Respawn Entertainment in which they revealed that they are about to release a battle royale game based in the rich and diverse Titanfall universe. Players were excited but they did not know what to expect. When it finally came out, Apex Legends shook the world. The free to play game had 70 million players when it came out at the start of 2019. Three years later, it is still going strong with over 100 million registered players.

The Bane of Apex Legends

However, despite its popularity and fame, it is infamous for one thing. The game is hard to become good at. This is a phenomenon unlike any other in the FPS field. Players of other shooters and battle royale games are quick to notice how difficult it is to be consistently good at this shooter. It seems that there are so many good players and that everyone knows how to play. The lobbies are full of highly skilled individuals who are capable of taking on multiple teams by themselves. The matchmaking system pits players of similar skills against each other so that everyone can enjoy the game, but this means that there is no time to relax.

Every game is ‘sweaty’ as the players call it. There is no room for mistakes and each session requires absolute strategizing, planning, and near-perfect aim. Becoming better at Apex is therefore an impossible mission for many. But is it really so? Of course not. You can still be better at this great game but only if you do the right things. In the following sections we talk about what you can try if you want to be a better Apex Legends player.

1. Train Your Aim

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Apex is not all about aiming well, but winning your fights is the most important thing when looking to improve. Aim can be improved in multiple ways but the best one is to simply play enough. Making long breaks will make you inconsistent and it will take an hour or so to get back in the groove each time. There are special aim trainers that can help you, you can go into the shooting range and practice with different weapons and attachments, and you can play 1v1 versus your friends there to practice. Your aiming down sights (ADS) needs to be on a high level if you want success in this game. Tracking the target as they try to move around and avoid your bullets is a part of this too. Once you learn the weapon patterns and become consistent, you will see how much more you will be winning.

2. Boosting

The phenomenon of boosting in video games is hardly a new thing. Good players have always offered their services to newcomers and beginners for many different reasons. In online games like Apex where you need to be better than average to even be in the conversation of having fun and ending up on top, boosting comes in a variety of ways. You can get this service and practice alongside the booster. You can hire them to complete challenges and unlock legends, skins, badges, and trackers for you. Boosting is of great help in this title because it can do so much for you, from getting you cosmetics and bragging rights to actually helping you become a better player who wins fights, knows where to go at every moment of the game, and wins games. It is always a pleasure to play with the people better than you since you can learn so much. If you want to learn more about it and try out this service, make sure to click here: https://overboost.pro/apex-legends-boosting.

3. Drop Hot

This is the term used when players drop into the most populated and famous zones on the map and fight right off the bat. Dropping at the end of the map and looting for half of the game will get you better gear, but a good player does not need much to win a fight. If you want to become better, you go straight into the fire and drop where others drop. Picking up the first weapons you find and initiating the battle immediately will make you more responsive and decisive. You will also learn more about the game and what the best course of action is in tight situations.

4. Have a Main Legend

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At the moment, there are 19 characters to choose form in the game, each with their own passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. They have different body sizes and shapes, they feel different when they move, and they offer different playstyles because of their roles. A player cannot begin to get better at Apex until they find a legend that suits them best. There are offensive, defensive, support, and recon legends. This can help you with your general role and the approach, but a far more important thing is their ability kit. If you want movement, you pick Pathfinder, Octane, Horizon, or Valkyrie. If you want to be tanky and zone out your enemies, you will want Gibraltar, Caustic, Horizon, or Rampart. Supper offensive players usually pick Wraith as their main character. When you find who you like, keep playing with that legend until you get a good feeling about who they are and how they are best utilized.

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