Concrete Genie studio is working on a new PS5 game

Concrete Genie studio PixelOpus is working on a PlayStation 5 game, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation.

The news comes from several job listings (via VGC), one of which says, “We are seeking a Senior Engine Programmer with a generalist skillset to architect, implement, and modify runtime and tools features of PixelOpus’ engine technology and Unreal 5.”

Unreal Engine 5, you may remember, was shown off last year in an intriguing tech demo for a game that we will tragically never get, called “Lumen in the Land of Nanite.”

Concrete Genie was a curious game; it entailed scrawling the walls of a fishing town with luminous graffiti, and, rather than being a hymn to anti-establishment anger, it involved magic and spirits.

We don’t know anything about this upcoming game, other than that it will be an “exciting new PlayStation 5 title.” – All Updates

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