Gundam Seed Lacus Figure From Bandai Requires Assembly First

Bandai Spirits will release a figure of Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed to go with the upcoming Gundam Seed renaissance. The Lacus Clyne figure will come with Pink-chan, which is the small Haro that Lacus received from Athrun. The figure will come out in August 2024 and will cost 3520 JPY, which is approximately $32.05.

The figure will come with three faces. She has a normal expression, a smile, and a slightly troubled frown. Bandai used water slide decals for the smile and the frown, and Lacus’s normal expression uses pad printing. Since she is considered a plastic model, she requires assembly before you can display her. The Lacus Clyne figure is poseable and comes with hand parts that allow her to hold onto her Haro. In addition, there is a mini-skirt version of Lacus that is an original to the figure. It is not based on any outfit that she wears in the show.

Leaks revealed earlier this month revealed a new project underway for Gundam Seed. The recently unveiled Gundam Seed Ignited project consists of a new movie, a spin-off anime series called Gundam Seed Eclipse, and a life-sized Freedom Gundam statue that will appear in Shanghai.

The Lacus Clyne figure will appear in August 2024 and will cost 3520 JPY/$32.05.


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