KeyWe is a cute coop puzzler where you play as kiwi birds in a post office

In KeyWe, a whimsical post office needs some new employees of any shape or size. Naturally, two little kiwis, named Jeff and Debra, rise to the occasion. The post office is remote, so I guess you take who you can. The octopus running the show looks like it knows what it’s doing. KeyWe is a coop puzzle platformer loaded with cuteness and charm.

It will have you hopping, flapping, pecking, and slamming your kiwi butt around the interactive landscape of the post office as you try to keep the mail flowing.


The various mailrooms of KeyWe offer different challenges. And you’ll need to master the art of mailing many different types of post – from telegrams to packages. And the post you need to send gets ever more complex. Plus, you’ll need to deal with seasonal changes that add more mechanics to gameplay. In the wintertime, you’ll need to keep your kiwi’s warm. And in autumn, hazardous thunderstorms will roll through the post office.

If you’ve never heard of KeyWe before, here’s the release date trailer Sold Out Games delivered late last month. It shows you everything you need to see about the game.

Dress for the job you want

While cute, the little kiwi birds lack style. They’re certainly no peacocks. Fortunately, KeyWe will give you plenty of cosmetic paraphernalia to dress your birds for the job. Or, you know, as a dinosaur skeleton, chef, pilot, or clownfish. Standard postal bird stuff. The quirk of the various outfits only adds to the charm and chaos of coop puzzler charm of KeyWe.

KeyWe is releasing on PC on August 31 through Steam. You can make Jeff and Debra very happy by adding it to your Steam wishlist now. There’s also an Early Bird Pack coming soon, which will include a wardrobe of cosmetics for your kiwis.

If you missed the show, you can relive the second day of E3 minute by minute with our day two liveblog. Alternatively, you can check out all the reveals, teasers, and trailers right here.

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