Microsoft Is KILLING It With Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft Is KILLING It With Xbox Game Pass

The Netflix model is being applied to video games in a couple of different capacities across a few different platforms, and most of these experiments have ended up being a success to one degree or another, but perhaps none of them have seen quite as much instant success and follow through with their customer base as Microsoft’s Game Pass.

While it’s certainly not perfect and you can absolutely nitpick a few things about it here and there, there is no denying that this incredibly cost-effective way of having access to a large library of games without ever having to buy individual titles or take up valuable shelf space by owning physical copies has taken the gaming market by storm and is forcing other companies like Sony to go back to the drawing board and reevaluate how they do things as well.

The idea of gaming being a luxury hobby only accessible to those who can afford to go out and buy $60 or $70 games every time something comes out is getting more antiquated by the day with Game Pass continuing to grow by leaps and bounds every quarter. In short, Microsoft is absolutely killing it with Game Pass.


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