Move Over, Calculator – Nintendo Switch Now Has A Bafflingly Expensive Notepad


Remember when the Nintendosphere went crazy for an overpriced Calcuator app on Switch? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Yes, joining Calculator in our growing list of ‘expensive and unnecessary apps that you almost certainly have access to for free elsewhere’ is Notes, a notepad application that lets you, well… Take notes.

We’d usually write a paragraph or two here about what makes the game tick, why we think it could end up being worthy of your time, and going over its finer details, but the eShop listing really does a better job than we ever could. Here’s the entire official description:

This is a simple and useful (it works perfectly) notepad for you, gamer or not gamer, to take notes in an easy and quick way. It comes with automatic saving.

Is it just us, or does the “it works perfectly” look like something that would be put there by someone who knows that, in actual fact, it doesn’t work perfectly?

Either way, Notes launches on the Switch eShop today. If you’re interested in reminding yourself to eat or taking down Zoey’s number (see the screenshots above for more context), you’ll probably want to download it sooner rather than later. It’s currently on offer at £1.48, but will soon shoot up to a whopping £9.99!

We wonder if this will ever get a physical release?

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