Nintendo To Give Forever Entertainment “Significant Financial Support” In New Publishing Deal

Forever Entertainment was responsible for last year's Panzer Dragoon remake.
Forever Entertainment was responsible for last year’s Panzer Dragoon remake.

Forever Entertainment SA has announced a new publishing deal with Nintendo which will see the studio receive financial backing to launch “several” games on Switch.

Details of the agreement have been shared in a new report filed today, 22nd June; it notes that Forever Entertainment will be granted “significant financial support from Nintendo… to release several titles on Nintendo Switch.” Release dates for these games “will be communicated in separate ongoing reports.”

Forever Entertainment has already released lots – and we mean lots – of games on Switch, including last year’s Panzer Dragoon: Remake which, in our opinion, sadly didn’t nail the landing. Of course, the company has also recently teamed up with Square Enix to remake “several” games from the same as yet unannounced series. It certainly sounds busy.

We’ll make sure to keep an eye out for more on this in the coming months, but in the meantime, let us know what you think could come from this new deal. Could we be getting brand new games, or has Nintendo opted to hire Forever Entertainment to throw out a series of remakes, too?

Thanks to Pan Nindyk (‘Mr. Nindie’) for the tip!

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