No Man’s Sky Prisms Update Is Out Now

Hello Games continues to update and improve No Man’s Sky. Coming in hot after the recent Mass Effect tie-in, this latest update hitting today is known as Prisms. Prisms is largely focused on improving visuals, as a massive overhaul to existing objects, structures, and more. Everything from planetes to creatures to weather effects has been given a significant tuning, down to light-refracting rain and new lighting effects to discover in cavernous systems located. This all comes with numerous new effects to check out. The trailer below lays out in detail what Prisms brings to the table, so check it out!

While Expeditions before it added a ton of new systems, features, and mechanics, Prisms is focused on making No Man’s Sky look better. Some of these upgrades cross into other areas though, like adding fur to creatures or adding new classes of companions that can be tamed and ridden in the sky, like flying worms, giant butterflies, and huge beetles. If you’re not flying around on a giant bug, are you really playing at all?

Alongside all of these visual improvements, it makes sense that Photo Mode would also be tuned up to handle all the eye candy, so that’s part of the Prisms patch too! Players have more control over the photo-taking experience with new controls to tinker with. Prism improvements are best (more detailed) on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC. This patch is hitting today, so if you are eager to jump back in and see what all the fuss is about, you should be able to log in and check it all out right now.

No Man’s Sky continues to push out large content updates, many years since the initial launch. With so many content buckets, it is definitely a game that has changed massively since its rollout. Check out the original Game Informer review here, though the game is a much different beast today.

Have you gone back to No Man’s Sky since launch? Do you want to? Are you going to check out Prisms? Let us know in the comments!

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