Phantom Abyss release date set for this month, will feature constant death

We knew Phantom Abyss was coming to Early Access this month, but we didn’t have an exact release date. The Devolver Digital E3 2024 showcase made it clear that the game is not only still set to release this month, but that it’s coming in just ten days. That’s right, the game will enter Early Access on Steam June 22, which isn’t long to wait at all. I’ve been looking forward to playing it ever since it was announced, so I’m glad that we’ll be able to die horribly in a temple in just a week and a half.

In addition to the announcement, we also got to take a look at some new Phantom Abyss gameplay footage, which showcases the first-person run and jump action. Dodging spikes, swinging traps, and making your way over threatening pits is the game’s focus, all while you see the spectral bodies of players who have attempted the same challenges you’re currently facing. At one point, the player apparently has to dodge purple balls that are falling out of some kind of dispenser. Reminds me of some sort of evil gumball machine, Only, instead of paying a quarter, you’ll be trying not to get crushed to death. Sounds about right.


Phantom Abyss release date

As Phantom Abyss is entering Early Access in just ten days, we also have a rough idea of what to expect from this period. The game is set to stay in this phase for at least an entire year, and new features and content will be added based on player feedback, which means that initial impressions will quite literally be shaping the experience in a lot of ways. The full release of the game will, of course, contain much more content, as more whips, rooms, traps, and zones will continue to be added as development pushes onward. The EA version of the game will come with the core loop intact, as well as three entire zones for players to die in. I can’t wait to feel the burn.

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