PS5 – The Best SSDs To Consider For Expanding The Console's Storage Space


The PS5 shines in terms of raw power, boasting a beefy CPU along with a competent graphics horsepower. However, its storage does leave a lot to be desired, as its 667 GB of usable space can fill up very easily with just a handful of current AAA releases. Fans have been clamoring for quite a while for activating the M.2 expansion slot on a software level, and beta firmware users can now expand the storage.

However, the SSD needs to play by Sony’s rules. The SSD should be a PCI-e 4.0 NVME drive with at least 5,500 MB/s read speeds. To ensure cooling, it also needs to have a heatsink installed which should fit within the dimensions specified by Sony. That being said, fans can, of course, install marginally slower SSDs without much of a performance hit. Here’s a list of the best SSDs you can put in your PS5 – which includes both official and unofficial choices. Note that all prices are for the 1 TB variant, and smaller or bigger variants will obviously cost lower or higher accordingly.