Redfall – 5 BIG Reasons Why I am Looking Forward To It

Redfall - 5 BIG Reasons Why I am Looking Forward To It

While the competitive multiplayer genre is far from danger of ever going away, nor should it be, it’s also nice to see the cooperative first-person shooter genre getting a lot more love these days. Fans of games like Left 4 Dead have more options now than they ever have in terms of games to play where they can buddy up with a few people and take on hordes of various enemies and accomplish various tasks in a cooperative fashion.

It is true that not every game in this genre ends up being a success as some of them can come off as too derivative or cookie-cutter, but there are a lot of examples of the formula working out quite well, especially with games that put their own spin on the format like the Vermintide games, and other titles that haven’t released yet but are showing plenty of promise like Back 4 Blood. Another game that seems to be throwing its hat in the ring is Redfall by none other than Arkane Studios


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