Sonic Prime concept art leaks, showing Sonic the Hedgehog’s ‘Shatterverse’

Sonic the Hedgehog will travel to strange new worlds and battle a quartet of Robotniks in his new animated series for Netflix, Sonic Prime, according to leaked concept art from the new show. As spotted by Sonic fansite Tails’ Channel, artwork from the series got out early through an artist’s (now-deleted) portfolio on Artstation.

That art shows a compelling premise in the vein of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart: Sonic will apparently travel to alternate dimensions where he’ll meet strange versions of his pals, like Amy Rose (with a spear and wearing primal gear) and Tails (in an alternate universe where he wears a jacket). He’ll also face a variety of Robotniks/Eggmans, ranging from toddler age to surly teen to Old Man Ivo.

We’ve known that Sonic would be exploring “a strange new multiverse” since the show was officially announced, but Sonic Prime’s newly leaked concept art offers a clearer look at what fans can expect from what producers call the “Shatterverse.”

“Sonic will be thrust into a high-speed adventure, through the strange and mysterious Shatterverse,” said Joe Kelly, Sonic Prime showrunner and writer at Man of Action Entertainment, during last month’s Sonic Central livestream. “It’s up to Sonic to save the universe and along the way experience moments of self-discovery and redemption.”

Sonic Prime is slated to hit Netflix sometime in 2024.

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