What The Hell Happened To Fight Night?

What The Hell Happened To Fight Night?

To many boxing fans who also like video games, the perfect gaming analogue to their favorite sport has been the Fight Night series for a long time. Many know it today as the go-to EA Sports franchise for ultra-realistic boxing that was somewhat regularly released back in the early-to-mid 2000s. Even today the facial damage and fighting styles of certain famous boxers is pretty impressive despite the games being a decade or more old. Collision detection and realistic visual representation of the action on-screen were top-notch and had to be for the games to be successful.

And for a time, they were successful. With 5 games developed in the series (many more depending on where you feel the series truly started) and pretty decent reception throughout the life of the series, you’d think we’d still be getting entries every now and then, especially with EA’s uncanny ability to keep a series going well past its prime. But alas, here we are. Ten years after the last game in the series was released and not even a whisper of a new game. Why is that? What the hell happened to Fight Night?


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