Who Won E3 2024?

Who Won E3 2024?

E3 made a comeback this year following its absence in 2024, and it was clear right off the bat that it wasn’t going to be the even that you’d usually expect. We’re still in the midst of a major crisis, and plans for E3 came together later than they usually do every year. Where publishers and developers often begin preparations for the next E3 nearly a year in advance, this time, it was clear that things came together in a more haphazard way this year- which is understandable. After all, development has been fickle enough due to production challenges as it is.

That said, it’s not like there was nothing of note at this year’s E3. Though far from perfect, E3 2024 still had quite a few exciting new announcements and meaty new updates spread out across its several showcases and events. But the question, as it ever is, is who had the best show out of all the attendees. Who should off the best, most interesting games, and promised exciting things for the future? Let’s talk about the events of E3 in the order that they happened, and take a look at how each of them turned out (for the purposes of this feature, we’re only talking about the publisher showcases).


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