Elden Ring: NPCs and Questlines That May Be Missed

Developer FromSoftware fulled Elden Ring with all kinds of mysteries. There are many missions in the game to do. Players can get Elden Ring Runes and other rare items by completing these missions along the way. However, while players can now browse the map to see where each quest and NPC is located, few have been able to do it all at once. For someone who wants to do everything, missing out on an entire mission can be heartbreaking. So anyone wanting to make sure they’ve got everything done should double-check the following NPCs and Questlines.

Thops Quest

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Players will meet Thops in the Church of Irith in Liurnia Lakes, which means he’s not the hardest NPC to find. However, many saw him simply as a merchant. In fact, he has his own little quest line where he goes back to Academy and ends up dying. Notably, players can get Thops’ unique sorcery, Starlight.

Boc the Seamster Quest

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Boc the Seamster is a Demi-Human Elden Ring NPC that players can meet south of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace in Limgrave. Because he is not alone in front of the players, he is often missed. He’s in the shape of a tree, and players can help Boc, who eventually hopes to be reborn through Rennala. However, since players can traverse the Raya Lucaria Academy without encountering Boc, and he’s more stealthy than many NPCs, he’s easy to skip entirely.

Latenna Quest

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The only reason Latenna is missed is that her appearance is regulated. Players can find Latenna in Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, which can be found in Liurnia Lakes, but the problem is that they have to complete the Lakeside Crystal Cave dungeon first. If the player doesn’t do this, she won’t spawn. Also, while her quest ties her to Albus (who played a major role in obtaining the Haligtree Secret Medallion), she doesn’t have any major role in obtaining the Haligtree. Players will take her there, and as part of her quest, they’ll even be able to get the sombre Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. However, because she’s so easy to miss, many players will probably head to Haligtree without her.

Bloody Finger Hunter Yura Quest

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It loosely connected Yura to the Dragon Communion in Elden Ring, but his mission doesn’t require being able to do so. Yura’s task requires nothing, and while it’s one of many other complex tasks, it’s difficult on its own. It requires the player to find him at southern Limgrave, and depending on the choice, he will tell the player to go to the Church of Dragon Communion, which can be found without him. He will appear a few times with missed steps, but eventually players will assist him in his hunt for Bloody Finger Eleonora. The player gets her sword from it, but the quest itself doesn’t stand out against the others.

Hyetta Quest

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Hyetta is an interesting NPC in Elden Ring. Throughout her mission, players will encounter Hyetta in multiple locations and must be given Shabriri Grapes. Players will spot her at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, but if players keep going, it’s over. What’s interesting about Hyetta is that her quest is unmissable because of her connection to the Lord of Frenzied Flame Ending. She is blind and tries to become a maiden by following a distant light, eventually leading the player to the Frenzied Flame Proscription below the capital. She is the “main” pathway to Three Fingers, but is unnecessary for her mission. While she adds a nice twist to the quest and some new background, players can still get this ending without her.

Sorceress Sellen Quest

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Sorceress Sellen’s quest’s quest is closely related to Rennala, the Academy, and Glintstone magic, and she will sell players powerful magic. However, before that, the player must find her. She is in the basement of the Waypoint Ruins, where players must defeat Mad Pumpkin Head before they can meet her. If the player doesn’t explore every inch of the ruins, chances are they’ll miss the way to her room. Even if they did in the first place, the road to get there is likely to be “NOPE” for many Elden Ring players.

Gowry or Millicent

Gowry and Millicent are NPCs that are too connected to be ignored. Gowry is found in his aptly named cabin east of Caelid and invites players to help Millicent fight her plague. Players can find Millicent to the northeast of the Church of Plague. Millicent is closely related to Malenia, and Gowry claims she is Malenia’s daughter, or a clone of some sort. While it’s fun and adds more context to Malenia’s Goddess of Rot transformation, and her questline is necessary to get Miqueella’s needles, those who don’t delve deeply may not stumble upon them.

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