Game Distract Is Emerging as the Biggest Site for Game Therapy

Game Distract is an arcade of free online games to help you manage your emotional state. It helps you unlock peace of mind with simple games and apps, which they call “distracts.” These games and apps distract you from negative feelings, like anxiety or frustration, and divert you toward a more balanced state of mind. The user experience for the site was specifically designed to help people manage their emotional state.

You may not believe it, but playing games can have immense therapeutic effects on people. It provides the opportunity to experience positive emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, achievement, and joy. Game Distract keeps its games intentionally simple and intuitive to play because complexities can lead to frustration, negatively affecting the gaming experience.

In fact, they have flipped the term “game therapy” on its head. It’s not therapy for gaming addicts to help them stop playing video games. It’s the complete opposite! They actually suggest that you play video games to help you soothe yourself and cope with the everyday ups and downs.

They gamified their collection of games with an economy. You start with 50 coins, and you beat the site when you unlock all of the games. A HUD on the site tells you how many coins you have, how many games are locked, unlocked, and the number of hidden gems. You collect coins through daily prizes, hidden gems, and interaction with the website.

The site’s economy model has been carefully designed. The developers chose the prize amounts and unlocking costs so that it is at least a little challenging to unlock all the games, but not so challenging that it takes way too long and you lose interest midway through.

You should check it out for yourself. As soon as you land on the homepage, you are greeted with a step-by-step tour of the site. It will have you up and running in no time. They also feature a Twitch entertainment center in their game rooms where you can enjoy watching the top gamers stream live from Twitch. The viewing experience is so calming and immersive that Game Distract gives you coins just for watching the live streams.

And there are over 500 games you can play! If you are not feeling any type of way and just want to play for fun, there is a “Categories” drop-down in the top navbar menu that lets you choose games by category, like action, puzzles, arcade, sports, match-3, etc.

This brings us back to our first point. We all know that video games are entertaining because they allow us to escape reality and venture into worlds that we never experience in real life. But games have more to offer than we think, especially for our mental well-being. They’re not just video games, they’re a very effective modality for self-help.

Playing a computer game is more than simple hesitation



Hesitation is viewed as a serious issue among youngsters, and many elements have been professed to be related with it, playing computer games being one of them.

One reason why computer games may be connected with hesitation is their capacity to offer moment delight and input, while simultaneously offer interruptions from less enticing and remunerating assignments. It isn’t yet settled on whether computer game players are more inclined towards stalling and limiting of potential compensations.



More than 500 members across two examinations finished two reviews on video gaming propensities, as well as an estimation of dawdling inclinations. In concentrate on 1 members played out an experiential limiting assignment, while members in concentrate on 2 played out the 5-preliminary changing postponement limiting undertaking, the two errands surveying inclination for deferred bigger prizes.



In concentrate on 1, hours of videogaming was not fundamentally connected with tarrying or the rebate rate. In concentrate on 2, hours of videogaming was not unequivocally connected with lingering and deferral limiting all things considered. In any case, when inquired as to why they play, those paying all due respects to get away from the real world and to decrease pressure had a larger number of issues of lingering than the people who play for diversion, prize or social reasons. By and large, the relationship among lingering and hours spent playing computer games was frail however certain, r(513) = .122.


Time spent getting a charge out of and taking part in video gaming is finished in light of multiple factors, just for a not many this is connected with tarrying. By utilizing just speculative payouts in the limiting undertakings, the shortfall of a connection between hours spent video gaming, lingering and deferred delight requires further examination. Be that as it may, playing computer games is more than simple dawdling.