Halo Dev Says It Would Be “Amazing” To See Master Chief In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Master Chief

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct gave us the penultimate piece of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate puzzle, confirming Tekken’s Kazuya as the last-but-one fighter headed to the game. That leaves just one spot remaining, and there are plenty of fan-favourite rumours for a variety of characters still doing the rounds.

One of the most popular potential picks, and one that has been talked about for months and months now, is Halo‘s Master Chief. Things arguably started back in 2019 when the official Halo Twitter account expressed a desire to see the character in the game, and with Nintendo and Microsoft’s relationship blooming in the years since – and not to mention a peculiar number of Switch consoles appearing in the background of Xbox presentations – it’s easy to see why fans would be putting two and two together.

It’s not just fans that want to see it happen, though. Brian Jarrard, community director at Halo developer 343, took to social media yesterday to say how “amazing” it would be to see Master Chief appear in Smash. It didn’t happen yesterday, of course, but who is going to take up that last remaining spot?

We know that all DLC fighters have already been selected behind the scenes so no amount of “momentum” will sway the Nintendo gods, but the Halo team sure sounds like it wants Master Chief in the game – even if they’re just as clueless as we are on whether or not he’s actually being lined up.

We’re sure we’ve asked this before, but would you like to see Master Chief in Smash? Who would your dream final character be? Tell us below.

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