Nintendo is asking people how much they’d spend on the next WarioWare game in latest survey

The popular WarioWare franchise hasn’t seen a new entry since 2018 when WarioWare: Gold released on the Nintendo 3DS, but it seems Nintendo is interested in hearing how much we’d be willing to spend on the next installment. Some folk on Twitter are reporting that they’ve received a very specific question in the latest email survey: “At a price of $49.99, how interested are you in buying the next game in the WarioWare series?”. You can see this very question in the tweet below where Twitter user @Beta64Official mentions that this is from a survey that his wife recently received.

He’s not on his own as more people are reporting the same question but with different price points as you can see here.

It’s not uncommon for Nintendo to send out surveys by email and they generally refer to some of their findings in Financial Briefings with Nintendo investors, but this question is seemingly unique and to-the-point which is raising some eyebrows. The obvious thing here is the potential for another WarioWare game to crop up in the future, or, much like Wario himself, they could just be playing tricks and looking for a reaction! Still it’s interesting to see and we’ll be sure to let you know of any further developments as and when they happen.


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