U-Treasure Pikachu Necklace Costs Over 20,000 Yen

U-Treasure and The Pokemon Company are teaming up once again for a Pikachu necklace that costs 23,100 yen, which is approximately $212.30. The necklace is silver with a gold coating. It is solid enough that you can sit the Pikachu on a table without it tipping over. U-Treasure offers worldwide shipping through the WorldShopping service.

The Pikachu necklace holds onto a diamond, similar to the way that it might hold an apple. At the back of the necklace, the charm hanging from the clasp is shaped like a Poke Ball. Though it is a necklace, the large shape of the Pikachu means that you can use it as a small decoration in your room if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it outside. The chain is around 45 centimeters long and the Pikachu is 14.4mm tall.

U-Treasure released other necklaces based off of Pokemon in the past. For example, in February 2022, the company released a Psyduck necklace with four variations. Additionally, in 2022 it released a Mimikyu necklace that has five variations. Necklaces are not the only jewelry available from U-Treasure, as the company makes rings for daily use (such as this Gengar ring) and marriage proposals as well.

The gold-coated silver Pikachu necklace is currently available from the U-Treasure website for 23,100 JPY, or about $212. U-Treasure ships worldwide. Though the website states that delivery takes two weeks, it will most likely take longer for international purchases.


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